What is the life span of my candles?

Since our candles are free of preservatives, we recommend burning your candles within one year of purchase for peak performance.

Why are some of my candles bumpy?

Soy wax is a temperamental substance which crystalizes over time. Many factors, such as weather, room temperature, humidity, fragrance, and pouring temperature may affect the appearance of the wax as it cures. Variations in appearance, such as bumpy or rough tops, pulling or "wet" spots, and sunken spots can all occur within the same batch. These characteristics are merely cosmetic and do not influence the safety or performance of your candles.

Are my candles safe for pets?

Some of our fragrance oil blends are infused with essential oils, some of which may be harmful to pets. Please carefully read the candle details before purchasing if you have concerns. We strive to become pet-safe in the future.

Do you ship internationally? 

Please refer to our Shipping Policy.

Can I return or exchange my candles?

Please refer to our Return Policy.